Continued from Chat... The HS rhyming post

here you go.. all set up
Any liners at HS?
7:50am on 8/9/14 by Murph500
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Later today.
7:55am on 8/9/14 by irenek
On our way to AK
8:28am on 8/9/14 by Mom loves Mickey
So no one persay? Not me, I'm away. Maybe another day.
8:33am on 8/9/14 by eriinfo
The only liner in the entire park for the entire day. Is that some sort of record?
7:32pm on 8/9/14 by Murph500
Sorry. I guess @Irene was/ is here.
7:32pm on 8/9/14 by Murph500
Going tomorrow evening for fireworks again they are awesome!!
7:44pm on 8/9/14 by bburks
I just checked back on this. No one wanted to continue the rhyming?
5:26pm by eriinfo
Maybe it was your timing.
6:51pm by brerbeer
I will try while lining
6:52pm by karlan29
Pointlessly in I am chiming.
7:00pm by susan2200
Tipping my hat I am miming!
7:03pm by eriinfo
Didn't realize you were rhyming.
7:17pm by errobin
The response number is climbing
7:40pm by FrozenInMa
for the rhyming I liked all the priming!
9 min ago by Call me Leota

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I'll not be declining.

This thread I'm just finding.

I fear that this thread may be dying.

Only if we're not trying.
The numbers, they could be flying
If you're crying, hear me well.
Give a shout, ring a bell.
We will tell of WDW joys.
So who will help me make some noise?
(A genuine request-I don't use ploys)

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