Contingent One-Time Use Points?

Dilemma: I want to make a waitlist reservation for 81 points using 75 borrowed points. (I have 150 2022 points and can borrow 50%.)

Question: What is the best way to get the extra 6 points? Can I get one-time use points that are only purchased if I get the waitlist? Also, one-time use points are not bankable or borrowable, right?

ETA: I’m guessing getting my waitlist is unlikely at this point - it would be for October. So I don’t want to buy one-time use points I’m not going to use.

If you get one time use points, you can have MS reallocate the points you’ve used for this vacation to use up the one time. Then you can bank forward your own points if the waitlist doesn’t come through.

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What month are you looking to waitlist? If you borrow those points will stay in this UY. Will you be able to use them?

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Are the point required to be borrowed before the waitlist comes through (when creating the waitlist)? or do they come over as part of the transaction (when the hotel becomes available and gets booked)?

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Great point! You would just check off to borrow.

A way to get the one time use points is to book another reservation that needs those points, then cancel. That is if they won’t let you but for a wait list.


Because this would then cause them to fall back into your current UY allotment?

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Yes, in a way. It allows you to use them as you want, especially if you are stalking the website for rooms. You don’t have to chance losing something while waiting to call member service.


Waitlist/staking may work out a lot of UK owners are having their flights canceled.

So what I found is that you one time use year points need to be used at time of purchase- from my experience you can’t waitlist based on one time use points-

How I work around it is use one time use points for a night equivalent to the one I want to waitlist…book that through MS …than waitlist the night I wanted checking off the option to swap out the other night…

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Update: I realized that I could waitlist a Standard View at Boardwalk for under 75 points so I can borrow less than 50% and still get a room for all 5 days I need. Now, whether I get the waitlisted room is now in Fate’s hands, but I feel better knowing that I will be trying to use my points but still have a cash room option (at Beach Club) that will work wonderfully, but is just more expensive than I wanted.

In summary, we’ll be happy either way. I did my best to get a cheaper room with points, so I don’t feel as guilty about spending money on the BC room.

Does that make sense? The best way I can describe it is like a kid trying to give $20 they found back to its owner, but the owner can’t be found, so they get to keep the $20 but they also get credit for trying to do the right thing.