Contemporary Walk To Magic Kingdom?

Is there a ‘public’ walkway from the Contemprary Resort to Magic Kingdom? Or, must you be a guest at that resort or have a dining reservation in order to use?

Yes, there’s a public sidewalk from CR to MK. Anyone who is physically “at” the CR can use it. Now to be at the CR, that’s the fine print. If you are already staying there, no problem. If not staying there, you need an ADR to arrive via your own car/Uber/Lyft. Anyone can go to a hotel via WDW transportation, in this case boat from MK, monorail, or bus from a theme park/Disney Springs. And if you are at MK, you can walk to the CR without any ADR.

Thank you. I have not been able to get a breafast reservation (as of yet–but still trying). I just read that there is a new path from The Grand Floridian to MK. Same type of rules? ??–so accessing the path from either resort requires staying at the resort or having a reservation? My main goal is trying to get to MK early on the day of my granddaughter’s bithday in order to get the most out of the day, and also to try to get walk up reservations to either BOG or Cinderella’s Table (it is open correct?)

Thank you for your input. Much appreciated

both BOG and CRT are open for lunch and dinner (I do not think either has breakfast currently). I have both booked in May/June.

I have wondered if you got a ride share to drop you off on the street outside of the resort if that was possible myself. However, I’m just going to use the bus for my MK days from BWV.

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Thank you for your comments. Things have changed dramatically since the last time we went. I will be travelig with 3 very young grandchildren, so I don’t mind the way things are—I think the days of old might b way too much for them and us. Last minute trip so getting dining reservations has been next to impossible. We used Uber last time (2018) to get to AK early as we could not get Flight of Avatar Fast Passes. Worked great then. Now I am reading that using a lift service might not be a good option. Buses don’t leave as early as I want to, but I may not have any other option:( I would appreciate any suggestions!!

Buses are better than lyft imho. They let the buses in before they let cars in which includes Lyft. If you can walk that’s fastest of course but otherwise I think Disney transportation wins right now. They start running the buses 75 min before park opens (ish) depends on the resort and park. They aim to get the first buses there an hour before official park open.

Edit: We drove to AK in Oct and aimed to get there 75 min early. We were held till about 50 min before official open I believe so by the time we parked and walked to the FoP we still had to wait a pretty decent amount of time and the line snaked close to Africa. The people on the buses beat us into the park. Lyfts would have been in that same line as our car but would have potentially beat us since they could just drop you off and not have to find a parking spot.

Do you have any reservation finders set? @Dreamer just mentioned a lot of people cancel reservations the night before so keep checking!

I do–but only for BOG. I have heard about trying to snag reservations the day before, which I will try—and early day of. Walk up is going to be the back up plan.
I really appreciate your feedbak. I had heard that buses start one hour before park openings, but I hope they do start earlier. I guess the key will be to be at the bus sop extremely early.

I’d aim for 90 min early for buses. That’s my plan.

Sounds like a good plan. Thank you. Alleviates my stress level.

If you take an Uber/lyft to TTC, they get in where the non Disney resort buses get in. You don’t have to wait for parking to open so can be first in line for security. From there reports are that bus from TTC to MK is fastest option if they are running. I’ve seen this approach and I think it is my plan since CR and GF seem to be on pretty strict lock down.


You can do breakfast ADR for Kona or GF Cafe too. We’ve done a breakfast MO at GF Gaspatilla Grill and Capt Cooks.

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