Contemporary Resort - Tower vs Garden Bldg

I have a difficult dilemma on my hands. I need to pick between staying at CR in a Tower Room - Magic Kingdom View versus a Garden Bldg Standard View room. I know these are night and day in terms of quality of view, but I don’t know that it is worth paying $125 more per night (four night stay). We like the idea of being able to go outside and enjoy the balcony/patio during my DS (3) naptime and early-bedtime, and the Garden Bldg Standard View sure doesn’t elicit our excitement (especially after looking at the Room View Pictures).

Is the Tower Room Magic Kingdom really that great? Is the Garden Building Standard View really that bad? Any advice or words of wisdom would help us make this decision. I need to decide by September 5 for our trip 9/11-9/15.


I’ve stayed in both, and here’s my thoughts –

Garden View –

  • Very nice
  • cheaper
  • a long walk from anything and to anything, and more difficult to get to the monorail than it feels like it should be when you’re staying at a MK monorail resort
  • you don’t want to request ‘away from the elevator’ for your room, you’ll be AWAY from the elevator. In my case, comically so.

Tower Room -

  • louder room. Not necessarily obnoxiously so, but more so than any other room I’ve stayed in at Disney.
  • easier access to monorail, restaurants, shops
  • there are stories of people on lower levels having lots of extra noise problems from Chef Mickey’s.
  • the MK View is fabulous, particularly when you have littles that aren’t able to stay in the parks that late. Having a drink on the balcony during the fireworks while the kids sleep is a very nice way to end the day.

If the money isn’t an issue and if you’ve never stayed MK view before, I would seriously consider taking the view. Just my opinion. Good luck on your decision!!

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Happy Eeyore is right on both counts. I must vote for garden wing, though. It is a bit of an extra walk but it feels a bit more private. I drive, so I like being able to park around the corner real close to the wing. Plus I like saving money.

Thanks everyone - it truly seems like there are pros and cons to both. I feel like this wouldn’t be so bad if we could just somehow get a free upgrade to a better Garden Building View than the Standard (parking lot) View.I suppose we can try and hope for the best. The overall $500 difference in the stays is pretty significant, especially when looking at how much the trip to Disney already costs! Any other words of wisdom about either the Tower or Garden Building is useful - thanks!

I can’t express the magic of watching Wishes from your balcony with your kids. A memory my husband and I talk about weekly from two years ago. The kids bring it up all the time. Nothing better. Disney is alot of money but the upgrade would be worth every penny to us. Would chose tower with view any day over garden view.

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