Contemporary parking with ADR

We (myself, hubby, 2 kids) are attending the MVMCP on Sunday, December 1 on our way to a cruise Monday morning. I’ve made a 2:25 ADR at Chef Mickeys with a plan to then walk to MK for 4pm entrance on the party ticket. At the end of the party walk back to Contemporary to the car to drive back to All Star Movies. We are staying on property and will be paying parking fees at ASMovies.

Will my master plan of leaving the car at the Contemporary from 2p-12a work?

I can’t speak for sure, but I would guess doing that would be iffy at best unless you pay for valet parking.

I think they only expect you to be there a maximum of 3 hours for a visit/ADR. Sometimes, probably when crowds are lower, they might not enforce that as much…but I expect for MVMCP, they will be more concerned about abuse of the system.

I would plan to move to the TTC parking lot OR be willing to pay for the valet parking at the Contemporary if you want to be sure there won’t be a problem.

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When we have parked at monorail loop resorts (GF and Poly) for ADRs, our experience has varied, but I’m pretty sure at least once they gave us a pass that had an end time on it. Other times, they just waved us in.

I haven’t parked at the Contemporary, but I read somewhere that parking there can be more monitored due to the proximity to MK, so I would err on the side of caution, especially for a party night and planning to park there for 10-ish hours. Valet or parking at TTC would be my vote for peace of mind!

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Yes, you will be fine. As long as you have an ADR at the contemporary, security will let you through (unless already full lot which hardly ever happens) and you can leave your car as long as you would like. I have never heard of a credible story where someone had there car towed. If you’ve stayed at the contemporary before, you’d realize how impossible it would be for security to locate your car, determine it’s over the 3 hours without permission, and have it tagged/towed - way too many variables to consider for security.

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I have definitely read reports on this forum of people watching the tow trucks take cars away at Contemporary. @Nicky_S, was that you?


It was! Three of them.:astonished: Certainly drew a crowd, and not a lot of sympathy from anyone - not surprising given how hard it could be to find a parking space in the early evenings. We ended up in the CM parking lot once that trip after returning from Universal. And got free valet parking another night.


Pay for Valet parking and it becomes a non issue. It’s also REALLY nice to have someone bring you your car at the end of that party. :slight_smile:

How long can you park there with valet parking? We are going to Chef Mickeys at 5:00 pm on an evening in March and then staying at MK for DAH until 1:00 am. I was told in a different thread that we would be able to park there that long, but I guess not?

I am with @mdot109, we do this multiple times a year with no issue at the CR. I have never seen a report other than @Nicky_S’s about towing, so we continue to take our chances each visit.


Technically, officially, 3 hour parking for a visit/ meal, etc.

I would, and have, valet parked.

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How long can you park valet if not an overnight guest there? Is it per hour?

I think that I promised to report back here after my experience, but we did this with ZERO problems on 10/30. We had a 5:30pm reservation at Chef Mickey’s and arrived at 1:30pm. The gate attendant scanned our band with no problem. We parked (plenty of spaces) and then walked over to MK. We came back for our dinner and then walked back again to MK. We stayed for the fireworks and left around 9:45pm. It was SO nice to just walk back to our car and drive home and not worry about the bus, ferry or monorail!


For those who have done it without issue…did you do it during CL10 days with a MVMCP going on? I would think they will be more strict as they run out of parking spots for legit guests of the Contemporary.

I’m not sure it is fair to compare 10/30 to 12/24.

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We did it for the Christmas party last December, and also Disney After Hours. We also have done it on Easter Sunday and any other day we visit MK during our annual spring break trip, often crowd levels are in the 9’s and 10’s. They do not care as long as you have an ADR (that you may or may not go to).

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This year: $33/day.

Next year: $??/day (maybe?)

Without Valet parking, it is the 3 hour time limit and enforcement is hit or miss but cars have been towed.

With Valet parking, it’s all day at any deluxe resort meaning you could valet at CR for half a day and then go over to Epcot, park at Beach Club valet, and finish up your day at Epcot.

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Thank you for clarifying this! We are eating dinner at Chef Mickeys and then attending After Hours at MK from 7pm-1am. We are actually doing a Universal Trip this time and staying at Universal but with the DAH available while we’re there, we thought we’d get in a little time at Disney, too!

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