Contemporary main tower — which view?

So I’m now flirting again with having my final night at the Contemporary, motivated primarily by the easy walk to MK. I’m currently booked at BC but I think I’d rather visit MK on my last morning rather than Epcot or DHS.

Are the theme park view rooms worth it? I like the idea of watching HEA from my room. But not all rooms are the same — what’s worst-case scenario for a theme park view room?

What’s the Bay Lake view like? Did you stay in one and regret it? Felt you missed out? Or glad of the saving?

My personal feeling is any view that ISN’T the Theme Park view from the Contemporary is not worth the cost of the Contemporary.

Your “worst case” scenario is a lower floor, even-numbered, room. What you want is a upper floor, odd numbered room. This will allow you to see the castle from your bed as it faces the castle. But all rooms have balconies, so you’ll have a good view of the fireworks regardless.

Now, do keep in mind, it’s likely the projections will be rather unviewable from the room (Wishes’ projections were kinda meh from the room, so I’m guessing HEA is even worse, but I have no personal experience with it yet)

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Thanks for the advice.

I’ve booked the theme park view room. A little nuts, but this is clearly a one-off, never-to-be-repeated trip. And MK makes more sense for my last day.

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Yup. Until Decemember’s one-off, never-to-be-repeated trip :stuck_out_tongue: (though, strickly speaking, all vacations are one-off, never-to-be-repeated)

Yes. That’s my get-out clause. The trip I’m currently planning is very different from the one I had last year.

And next year’s trip will be different again. (I’m kidding. There will be no trip. I’ll be in Debtor’s Prison by then, and I don’t think I’ll qualify for early release.)

We did theme park view and were on the 9th floor. Very nice. There were 4 of us, so while it was expensive, it was cheaper than a hotel and 4 extra days in the park (we had 1 day tickets and the upgrade to 2 day just to see the fireworks would have been another $400).

Could we have gone garden view? Sure, then gone to California Grill for the fireworks. That would have been cheaper. It turned out to work for us, though, as my DH was really sick that night and the balcony was much better for him.

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Matt, the Bay Lake View is gorgeous, really lovely. I love it (from Bay Lake Tower but still the same).

I know you said you booked theme park view, but in the obviously highly unlikely event you reconsider things, rest assured the Bay Lake View is beautiful. Serene and calm In the mornings, and lovely at night.

Disney is actually very helpful when it comes to hotel reservations. It charges a £50 changing-your-mind fee, unless you trade up to something more expensive. So when I changed my mind from BC to YC that didn’t happen. Changing from BC to Contemporary they were fine with as it cost a bundle more cash. Changing from Theme Park view to Bay Lake view would cost money to do.

So — on this single detail — my mind is very much made up!

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