Contemporary, GF or Poly

Looking for some advice. We are booked at CR in a theme park view room in early Oct. but looking at the new discount. We need an accessible room and want to be on the monorail. We can save a lot by moving to GF to a GV room, or switching to Poly club level lagoon view. Would love CL but worried about the construction at Poly.

As much as this hurts my soul, I would say to stay away from the Poly until the construction is done. It’s a total mess right now and not worth anywhere close to the premium prices they are still charging.

It’s a tough choice between the other two. I’m no lover of the Grand Flo, but I am a lover of saving money. If you think you’ll take advantage of that MK view it’s a fantastic view, but if not it’s tough to justify the cost.

We’ll be heading to the Poly soon, I can post some pictures for you later, if you have the luxury of time in your decision making. We stayed Contemporary last Sept, CL with a theme park view, and it was nothing short of amazing. We looked right at the Castle, and the fireworks were fabulous! Although that being said, I don’t like the ‘sterile’ environment of the Contemporary. Hence the switch back to my home, the Poly, which may turn into a terrible decision with the construction.

If mobility is an issue (I’m guessing at that since you talked about an accessible room), then the Contemporary has an edge because everything is closer together and in one building.

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I am a big fan of the GF. It is very relaxing and a great “get away” after a day at the parks. You can still view the fireworks by the marina and it’s also nice to sit in the lobby at night and listen to the orchestra.

We had a Contemporary theme park view room when my boys were younger and we didn’t stay late in the parks. It was great to watch the fireworks from our balcony. The elevators were always busy and the waits seemed a bit long. The monorail right in the building was very convenient. We’ve also stayed at GF and some of the buildings are quite far away from the lobby and monorail.

We stayed at the Contemporary and thought that it was extremely convenient. It really was an ideal location. Originally we had booked the Poly but ended up cancelling and moving to the Contemporary because we didn’t want to be around all of the construction and it was nowhere near as bad as it is now. I would stay at the Grand in a heartbeat especially if it was going to save me money. But you probably need to consider what is more important to you for this trip…the savings or the convenience. Good luck deciding! I think that all of the monorail resorts are fabulous and you will enjoy whatever your choose. :smile:

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I would keep your resey at the CR. the theme park view rooms there are OUTSTANDING. You really feel like you’re in the center of the magic. Also, I would agree with others and stay away from the Poly during the construction. I love GF a lot, but CR would get the edge for me on this one too because if your accessibility needs involve a wheelchair, CR is great because you don’t have to walk outside in the rain between buildings like you probably would have to at the GF. There are few accommodations I would choose over CR theme park view. It really is a great choice!

There is nothing better than walking from the CR to MK! Love that it is so very close.