Contemporary Garden Wing Suite

Hey there! We are doing a once in a lifetime family trip. We are splurging a bit and booking the Garden Wing Suite at Contemporary. Doing some research and I see that there are very limited suites.

We are a family of 8 (5 adults 3 kids) and are squeezing in to the suite so obviously we’d prefer a suite with 2 queen beds vs 1 king. Also my MIL would like to avoid a view of the parking lot. Anyone know firsthand a room# or floor that would best suit us? I know all we can do is request but I’d like to make my MIL happy and be as specific as possible when putting in a request.

Have you considered trying to rent DVC points at Bay Lake Tower instead? You can get a 1 or 2 bedroom there. That’s what my wife and I are currently planning to do.

My MIL is footing the bill and has never done Disney like this. She wants to have a travel agent on hand to answer all her questions (She has a ton). So that kind of threw renting points out the window.

BLT 2 bedroom suites was our first choice but we delayed booking it and it’s not available anymore for the time frame we need.

Did you try the Touring Plan Room Finder? It can give you an idea where the suites are and what you might want for a room. I would consider asking for a first floor room though so that you can have a patio. The upper floor does not have an outside space.

We stayed there in a regular room this past May. We had a partial parking lot view (standard view room) but if we just looked to the left we had a view of the waterway/ferry boats and the monorail. We don’t spend much time in the room but I enjoyed it for a minute or two every morning. I really enjoyed the Garden Wing. It was very convenient for the pool and it was nice not to have elevators. Walking to and from MK is so wonderful.