Contemporary garden wing connecting rooms

Anyone know if there connecting rooms in the garden wing that we can request?

Off the top of my head I don’t know if there are any. The TP Room Finder has this info, but you need to check room-by-room as it is not a searchable data item.

Hey @len - can the “Connecting Room” field be added to the search filters?

Thanks! I’ve looked through the room finder room by room a little bit, is it fairly accurate when it comes to the connecting room option?

I don’t know - perhaps one of the TP staff can chime in here. You can also e-mail them at - that’s usually the quickest way to get an official answer.

We’re working on it. Have it for the values and some mods. The deluxes don’t seem to follow a pattern, and our Disney contacts don’t have all the info. But let me see what we can do.

In my experience it is not at all accurate for the deluxes, unfortunately. I’m on the opposite spectrum and simply loathe connecting rooms. I spend quite a bit of time researching which ones do not connect, and the info is hard to find.

@len is the info for CSR cabanas 9b connecting rooms accurate?

Thanks for the info. I typically loathe connecting rooms also but this trip will be my two sisters, my daughter and their daughters; a kid room and an adult room would be heavenly :slight_smile:

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Agreed! They’re great when you’re traveling with the people in the other room hahaha

I’ll re-check, but I think we did a decent job at the values and moderates. If connecting info isn’t showing, it’s because we haven’t loaded it yet.