Contemporary check in and MK question

So our trip is now less than two weeks away!!
Nitty gritty question:
We are doing a split stay… pop and contemporary
We are moving to contemporary on the day we do MK
So do we take the bus from pop to MK or do we Uber to contemporary and walk over to MK?
We are planning to rope drop either way…

I would Uber and check my bags.


Ditto @PrincipalTinker

Yes, Lyft to CR, bell services will be happy to take your bags(don’t forget to have some folding money, for tips) walk to MK and have a magical day.

Are you suggesting to not use the resort-to-resort transfer of luggage?

If they are Ubering it is so much easier to grab your own bags. That way if the room is ready early, the bags are there. I think this works best if you are moving to a MK or EP area resort and you are starting at MK, EP or HS (depending on the resort).


I agree with your assessment and am saddened to see that the quality of service has diminished to the point where this is even a consideration.

Has it? Or is it just convenient? Bags on transfer have never been guaranteed until later in the afternoon. If I were going to be taking an Uber anyway it would just make sense to take my bags so I would have them sooner if I needed them. I’m not sure anyone said the service was poor? Or did they and I missed that?

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We did resort transfer from BCV to CR in June and it worked great. We didn’t need our bags till the evening anyway, but not sure what time they arrived. We went straight to MK from BCV and didn’t stop at CR.

I’m not sure what the bell services situation is like at Pop. If there’s a line in the mornings you may be better off taking it yourself to CR after all.

We will be switching from the Poly to Pop and I was planning on dropping off our bags at the Poly to be transferred to Pop …and hopping on the bus to DHS to make early entry rope drop. We aren’t expecting to be back at Pop until the end of the day so timing isn’t urgent.

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I do split stays every trip, the current one included. I can’t tell you how many times, probably 20+ in the last several years.

I always have my bags shipped. I have never had a problem or seen a change in the service. Bags were never guaranteed before 3pm. I bring my bags to bell services in the morning and rope drop as usual. As long as you plan accordingly knowing your bags won’t get there until after 3.

If I am reading your question right one option is to Uber then go to RD. You would have to start that very early in the morning


I just would never Uber to CR for rope drop and leave my bags at Pop bell services on my way out. Bell services at the values are contracted services, not the same as moderates and deluxes?

It will take two minutes to check your bags at drop off. If you are Ubering I would never leave my bags behind.

If you are taking the bus know you will not get your bags before 3, they will not move any food items, and recent reports have been final deliveries well after 5.

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ok all good convo but just to be clear:

PLAN A: take the bus from Pop Century to MK for rope drop … leaving bags and not planning on going to Contemporary till late (staying at MK all day)

PLAN B: take bags with us Uber to CR (around 7 am) leave bags ith drop off …walk to MK for rope drop

Which do you think is preferable and why?

I really don’t think it has diminished - I plan to use the bag transfer and I have my own car! I don’t want to have to run to the other hotel first before going into a park, that’s all. For the Contemp when I’m going into MK, yeah, probably just bring my own bags. I’m transferring from the Contemp to AK - but I’m in the Garden, with my own car - so literally closer to put the bags in my car than take them to the bell. But swapping from AKJ to AKK, I’ll let them just do it. Anytime I don’t have my car though, totally let them do it.

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If you have your own car, why would you generally not leave them in your car? I thought they stopped transferring food these days since the trucks might not have climate controls?

Edited to add: after two nightmares with AKL transfers (once they “lost” my luggage and never sent it- another time they sent it to FW instead of WL) I don’t think I will ever trust AKL with my bags again.

I would Uber to CR with my bags. I see zero benefit of doing it the other way.

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