Contemporary Arcade is back!

As of next week.

Who knows what their thinking was? They obviously kept the arcade machines when they cleared it out last year. Maybe this was always the plan, or the back-up plan in case Pixar Play Zone didn’t work.


If it doesn’t have Ms. Pac-Man, I don’t care.

Which it didn’t, so that was good thinking :wink:

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Any idea why Play Zone didn’t work? My kids went on a Wednesday in February, and there were tons of people there. Maybe it was only a temporary thing to begin with?

Yay! My kids will be stoked.

Well it can only take so many kids each evening.

Whereas the arcade is open all day. Also the arcade is something parents can do with their kids whilst waiting for Chef Mickey, for example.

Also I guess that when schools are in session, there are far fewer kids booked into the Pixar event, whereas there will always be some teens / young adults with moe spending power to play the games.