Contempo Cafe vs The Wave in the morning

I’m trying to decide the best way to get us fed in the morning, checked out and out the door to MK by 8ish. I was thinking of just going to Contempo Cafe for a quick bite. How much time would that take?

Also, would it be just as fast to go to The Wave in the morning? I can get a reservation for The Wave, but Contempo Cafe is first come first served. I’m assuming many people in the park will be doing the same thing I’m doing.

I guess room service is my only other option, besides the park and I’m not sure I’m ready for a hash brown hot dog.

If you’re looking for speedy, go with Contempo. Not that they are the fastest, but the Wave is sit-down. I would expect at least 30-45 minutes for that. You could theoretically get out of the Contempo in 10-15.

Or…head to sleepy hollow for a waffle.

Sleepy Hollow? That’s behind the castle, right? No breakfast until after 9? Is Contempo more cafeteria style? I thought they were also a sit down. Also, is there plenty of seating?

Contempo Cafe is QS. You order at a till or pick up from the bakery counter/fridges. There is seating but I have been there at times when it’s impossible to find a seat.

The Wave is TS. You can make a reservation and can either have a buffet or order a la crate. If you go later you can get a walk up no problem, by that won’t help you.

There’s also the Contemporary Grounds (some name like that), a grab and go place in the lobby. That might be your best bet, then you could eat it as you walk to MK.

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Do you think a person could go and take it up to their room, then?

You can go to Contempo Cafe and take it back to your room. If it would normally come on a plate then let them know and they’ll do it in a take away container. Even spaghetti and meatballs, lol!

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Contempo Cafe is counter service but you have to wait a bit to get your food unless you only grab ready-to-eat items from the fridge/shelf (i.e. bananas, cereal, yogurt). My family frequently went to CC for breakfast before EMH at MK and waiting for hot food breakfast items took about 10 minutes by itself, not counting the actual eating part. If you sit and eat at one of the tables, a server brings the food to you. You can also get the food to go (just let the cashier know). Either way, it was definitely slower than say a McDonalds. But overall, it took on average about 30-40 minutes to order, receive, and eat a hot breakfast at CC for my family of 5.

BTW, although CC opened at 6am, hot food wasn’t available till 7am.

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good tip. Thanks.