Construction Noise at Disneyland Hotel?

I just booked a stay at the Disneyland Hotel for early November. Has anyone been there lately to know how much is the construction noise going to be a problem?
Is the Fantasy Tower going to be the most convenient location?

I think there are some you tube videos from DLH opening day last week floating around the internet, some said it was noisy and others weren’t bothered by it. Right now only one tower is open at DLH ( Fantasy Tower), it might be your only option. Not sure when the others will open. The noise would only be during the daytime.


The videos that I have watched had the sounds of construction vehicles in the background when the host was near Tangaroa Terrace and when standing by the pool. I would love to modify my reservation to GC. But, I think if I tell DH that I am concerned about the noise, he will say, Paradise Pier.
From the videos, I think that Fantasy Tower is the only one open, but I didn’t know how likely that might change by November.

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