Construction continues

The are back in the parks painting the Castle and working on paths today. If you are desperate, like me, for any construction updates this is a nice bit of news. (Not much in the “article” from BlogMickey - but you can see pics)


Yeah!!! Good to see that these small projects are back on track.

The work on the entrances to parks are annoying but needed. It will be nice to get those out of the way ASAP.


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Hopefully the castle will be finished before guests arrive. I don’t see why it shouldn’t be. It isn’t like the paint job is terribly complicated.

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Any hope for Ratatouille and/or Space 220 to be ready upon reopening? I know no one has any solid info, but any chance of this could sway me in the direction of not cancelling. I’ll take educated guesses at this point.

Ratatouille was supposed to open last week - preCOVID. That’s means they’re pretty far along (about 60 days of construction / prep left to do.) The last 30 days are typically “punch list” items and training. I wouldn’t expect it to be running in July. However, if I had to bet, I’d say it’ll be open around Labor Day weekend.

Space 220 construction is rumored to resume after 7/15/20

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