Constant Vigilance! - an AP story

Keep checking those AP resort discounts! Yesterday, the AP rate for Hard Rock dropped to $281.00/night for the week of May 22. Unfortunately, we had to change our trip to mid June, but the AP rate for RPR for when we are going had also dropped - although not nearly to that price. Still, I was able to save us an additional $240.00 total! I plan to keep checking to see if it drops even further…


What is the process to rebook? Do you just rebook and then cancel or can you modify your reservation?

I rebooked and then canceled the first one. There is a modify option on the reservation page, but I was too afraid the reduced rate would disappear in the process. Very simple to rebook and then cancel the original! :slightly_smiling_face:


For one trip (that didn’t happen (stupid covid)) I called up the when APH rate first came out. They rebooked for me, and i kept the same reservation number. When the rate dropped again, I called up and they were able to apply the rate for me.


That’s good info to know! If the rate drops again, I will try calling.

I’ve done both! Personally, I like to get the rate on the screen in front of me and then call. I know the TM on the phone can see what I’m seeing or at least I’ll have a reference. They tend to move the deposit and rebook it all. IME - it’s the easiest way, but takes longer…

Keep checking! Those rates may change and you could save maybe a little bit more. (Although $281 / night is a steal!!)

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I’ve had mixed results being able to modify… sometimes it will slow it, sometimes it will not.