Considering purchasing an AP

Hi TP’ers!
Making plans for June…it would be my 3rd year in a row (and 2nd by myself) I have a deposit for Room and tickets and have made a reservation for KttK tour. IF I purchase an AP, will I retroactively get a discount on KttK and will it screw up my Room /ticket reservations? Thanks team!

Generally, I have not been given discounts retroactively, especially if I already paid opposed to having a reservation, but paying at the time.

You can apply the price of your tickets to the purchase of the AP, so I can’t see that it would mess anything up.

I got one, I am going in November. May be back for two days in April and plan to return in September. Check park hopper for Nov trip and 3 day PH more than AP.

When you upgrade your ticket to an AP it will not change your resort reservation or fast passes.

I would ask about the discount.

Enjoy your AP!