Considering a September Trip

After speaking to a friend who works at Disneyland and looking at some of your trip reports, I am considering a September trip because of the low crowd levels. We are in California and my daughter is currently distance learning. My thought was to go before she goes back to school in-person (which may happen at the end of Sept/early Oct). What do you guys think? Has anyone gone with a child who is currently distance learning? I am hoping I could just get the work from the teacher and hopefully, this won’t be a big deal. She is in 1st grade.

I understand there wouldn’t be parades/character meetings, etc. but we live close to Disneyland so we can experience those close to home when available. We cancelled an April trip for my daughters birthday so we already paid for airfare and have the magic bands from that trip. I am looking at DVR for a better deal.

What are your thoughts? Thank you!


Look at lastest posts here: Crowd Calendars and Wait Times

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I’m planning to have my daughter do her online kindergarten from WDW in three weeks…and from her current trip report, it seems @tddusina oldest son was working on his math from the hotel room just this morning. I’m trying to see the ability to travel as the silver lining of the online schooling. In all honesty though, this upcoming trip is a DVC rental that was rented back in December so I had originally just been planning to pull her out of school for the trip.


I think if you schedule down times or even best, no park days, it’s very doable. My husband worked on arrival day as well as logged onto two conference calls today. DS logged on and completed his math assignments (3/5) and we will complete the rest on Saturday which is another no park day for us.

We tried not to talk about school/work or stress about it until we had a down day.


Thank you all! What is the weather like in September? There is a chance of hurricanes right?

Still hurricane season (June 1 - Nov 30). And Sept is still HOT

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