Connecting rooms

If I request connecting rooms (with a connecting door) at the Yacht Club, does anybody know the likelihood I’d get the request? That is, does that particular request have any higher priority than others (to allow families to not have to split up)?

Some hotels charge a small fee to guarantee connecting rooms but WDW, evidently, does not offer that option.

They should be able to add it to your reservation when you call them. Also, have them link the reservations together. It helps tremendously.

i see, even online, that I can add the request. But then they say they won’t guarantee that I’ll get it. Is that like when they say for my ADR for more than 4 people we might not be guaranteed a seat at the same table? Or are connecting rooms a more honest, “we really can’t promise you anything” warning?

I believe the only time it’s guaranteed is when there are more than a certain number of children per adult. I’m not sure of the ratio though. I’ve seen lots say they requested and got it though.

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I called Reservations after I posted. They explained that if all the kids are minors they will guarantee the connecting rooms. There can’t be more than 2 adults. I didn’t catch if there was a required number of kids, though. We have 3 so I know that works.

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I was told when I booked wl that we’d have connecting. 2 adults and 4 kids. We booked POFQ this trip with family, and our daughter is staying in their room. They told us adjoining, and it is marked on our reservations. A cm made the note.