Connecting rooms with different check in dates

I’m wondering how difficult it would be to get connecting rooms with my parents if they come a day later than us? Think that’s possible?

I don’t see why not. Disney aims to please. Call Disney Travel Agency and tell them what you are looking for. They are usually pretty good at putting your vacation together for you. You can even chat with them online at and ask them the same question. I don’t see how the day your parents arrives makes any major difference to Housekeeping and they want your business That said there are only so many connecting rooms. Plan well ahead. Have what you want in mind if you should call Disney Travel. One thing you will find is they are there to book and won’t offer any suggestions especially if you don’t book that day.

It is possible, but I wouldn’t count on it. There are very few connecting rooms, and they are difficult enough to get even if both of you are checking in on the same day.

Here again. Check with Disney Travel Agency on your request. They seem to have an in on this type of thing. I know we (9) had no problem getting a connecting room at Pop. Never hurts to try.

Our situation was a little different, as DH and I had 2 rooms that had to connect (4 kids), my parents arrived with us, then my in-laws arrived a day later. So we had 3 rooms first, then 4, and 2 of the first 3 had to connect. But, the first 3 were in a row and then my in-laws were a bit further down. Maybe 1 room in between them and my parents. I’m sure they will try so definitely call and get your confirmation numbers linked if they aren’t already, but realize it will depend on how full they are and with what type of room requests. We were at AS-Sp during free dining (this week last year actually) and they weren’t full, as they were able to give my in-laws an additional room when my FIL succumbed to the Disney stomach bug, but we weren’t all in a row. Families with more children than adults will have priority for those connecting rooms. But they’re Disney so they’ll do their best!