Connecting Rooms Request

We are taking our first WDW vacation as a family in May. My parents have booked 2 rooms at the Grand Floridian and we’d like to have 2 adjoining rooms. We have a 2yr old and a 4yr old, so whoever is staying back at the rooms with the 2yr old during naps, it would be nice to hang out in the connecting room, instead of having to be quiet in the “napping” room.

I recently discovered the room request feature on touringplans website and would love to use it, but we want to make getting connecting rooms a priority.

Would it be enough to make mention of this fact in the room request fax, or is it a better idea to go directly through Disney for our room request? The other issue is that my Mom has 2 reservation numbers for the 2 rooms. I don’t think she made a single reservation with 2 rooms. Do I need to include both reservation numbers in the single request?

Yes use both numbers in the request. You can also call Disney and advise them you are travelling together and would like connecting rooms, they will give you a reference number that you can quote too.

They won’t guarantee them though, in any circumstances. Oh and bear in mind that connecting means with a connecting door, adjoining just means nearby in Disney speak.


I have two reservations and we are requesting connecting rooms. I called just a few days ago and the CM said that she made a note that we had more children than adults. I did not get a reference number despite asking and speaking with another CM to see if she could do it. Maybe I should call back??

I was planning to send the following verbiage on my TP fax. Thoughts? Is that too much detail?

“connecting rooms–traveling with XXXXXXXXXX. Prefer upper floor.”

Special requests:
***We have booked two rooms (XXXXXXX and XXXXXXX) and would really like connecting rooms, as we have more children than adults between the rooms. We prefer upper floor rooms. If possible, we’d like building X, Y, or Z facing the lake but connecting rooms are most important. Examples: Room x, y, or z

I think it’s fine. I have no personal experience of the ‘travelling with’ number but I’ve seen it mentioned by Liner TAs. If you’re doing a fax request it’s probably less important.


Personally, I would limit it to two requests maximum. For example connecting rooms and upper floor. or connecting rooms and facing lake.

The more you request, the higher the chance of the CMs getting confused, or simply “zoning out” on it, IMO.


My own opinion is that this is too complicated. I would keep it simple. I don’t even understand the “as we have more children than adults between the rooms” part so not sure the CM would. If it were me, I would (a) ask for connecting rooms on both reservations with a simple explanation of because I’m traveling with kids and grandkids (or something like that) and state that is my most important preference, and (b) add a second sentence stating that I would also prefer [insert no more than 2 simple preferences like upper floor facing lake or upper floor in building x, y or z].

That said, at the end of the day, it likely depends the CM that reads your fax and the availability on your dates.


Probably good advice. I may just leave the first sentence “connecting rooms–traveling with XXXXXXXXXX. Prefer upper floor.” and remove the “special requests” section. I don’t really care where we are as long as we have connecting rooms and aren’t on the ground floor.

And just to explain, we have 2 adults and 4 children in our party and without connecting rooms, DH and I would have to split up (in different rooms for the trip, not forever :laughing:). I guess that’s why people get the suites to ensure they are together, but we have no interest in sofa beds and fold out chair beds for a week or longer.


Borrowing this topic a bit: I have multiple rooms with separate booking numbers as I booked them online. I recall reading somewhere that it’s possible to combine them into a single reservation but is there any notable benefit in doing that? They are all under my account any way. if I want to request two of them to be connecting, would it be better to combine them into a single reservation (if possible?) or just request connecting with the two booking numbers?

Reading this topic in preparation for making my own multiple room booking. I was contemplating the same thing - multiple reservations vs one - and we decided we would keep them separate. This is what we’ve done when making ‘regular hotel’ reservations for multiple people because it’s much easier to cancel or modify if something happens. I’m going to be booking 4 rooms - hoping to get us close to each other if possible. By keeping them separate we allow for any unforeseen circumstances (work, sickness, etc.).

Is it really? I was always under the impression that each room had to be its own reservation with its own number. If you happen to come across a book/site that describes this, I’d be very interested in reading it!

I guess it’s not because I can’t find any information saying so. I must’ve mixed it up with linking the reservations which I assume just means they are under the same name/account? (ie

Ideally I’d want to have 2 rooms (out of 4) connecting and all 4 in close proximity / same floor. Additionally I’d have a view preference but I’m wondering if this will be too complicated.

Also any thoughts on the optimal way to make a request - should I both call well in advance as well as fax the request?

I don’t know how Disney handle the faxes. Do they actually type them into the reservation system, or just reference them?

To be honest, I would pick one way. Either call or do the TP fax. If you decide to do both, you need to make doubly sure they say the same thing.

Another tip is to avoid negatives: instead of “not 1st floor” say “higher floor”. That negative can get mis-read or mis-typed.

And do not use the online options when doing online check-in.

I am anything but an expert, but personally the only request I’m going to make is for a connecting room, or an adjoining or nearby room if that is not possible. Last time at POR I made 3 requests, ranked in order with the most important being a connecting room, and I got basically the opposite. I’m hoping that this time if I make the request as simple as possible, I’m more likely to get at least the one thing that I request. Take it with a grain of salt though. I have no idea if that’s how it really works!