Connecting rooms at Beach club villas

Are there any suites at the beach club villas that connect? For ex: 2bd villa connects to a 1bd or studio? Traveling with 13 and trying to figure out room configuration. Secondary question; if the 3nd villa at boardwalk sleeps 12, would they let us add additional person (3yr old) If we provide bedding, party is 8adults and 5 kids (6,6,5,3,3). We would be renting points and don’t need tickets through Disney.

There are no 3 bedrooms villas at the Beach Club.

The connecting villas would be Studio + 1 Bed equaling a 2 bed lock off.

The max capacity is 9 in the 2 bedroom lock off, 8 in the dedicated 2 bedroom, 4 in the 1 bedroom, and 5 in the studio (because of the murphy bed).

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You can have 5 in the 1 bedroom if you’re renting points, but you’d need to bring an air bed and bedding for it.

Thanks!! I think my best bet will be a 2bd and a studio (still cheaper than the 3nd at boardwalk)