Connecting Room Request

I’m working on my room request fax. I know I need to put both reservation numbers (confirmation number, its the same, yes?) in the fax. Can I put both in the top box under my name? And do I then again put both in the special requests section? Or should I just put one reservation number at the top and both in the requests section?

Forgive me as I am sure this has been answered somewhere already.

Also, I managed to find rooms marked as connecting in room finder. Yay!

You can only put one in the top box, you can put the other in the free text box.

Connecting room info isn’t always correct on the room finder. If you want them, I would make that your only request.

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It actually lets me put in both at the top, so delete one?

Ditto this - the most important things to convey are the relevant facts about what you want. Specific room numbers should be mentioned as an example only, and only if you are certain that the room numbers meet the specified criteria.

Also, submit a request for each reservation separately and refer to the the other reservation in each one.


How do I enter a second fax request? It looks like I can only do 1.

You need to have each reservation in your TP dashboard. Unfortunately each trip can have only one hotel reservation, so you get around this by making another trip entry with the same dates and adding the second reservation to it. Then you can make a fax request for it.


Oh I don’t know, it only let me put one.

So delete the TP generated Room request information since I have no way of verifying that it’s actually connecting? TP says they are, and it seems realistic that two non-corner rooms at CSR could be connecting.

Not even okay to ask for a Cabanas building? Would also be nice to be near the pool. I know. I’m greedy.

Yay for hacks!

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The thing is, if you request anything other than connecting then they don’t know which to prioritise if they can’t do both.


I also can’t decide if not having connecting rooms is the end of the world. Prefer it? yes. But traveling with my husband and five kids often means we have to split up. We are used to it. It’s just that it would be really nice. My husband may have a different opinion as I’ve put him into a room with the boys who are always in each other’s space and like to roughhouse until it gets too rough.

I would say something like: I would like to request connecting rooms along with Reservation [other number]. Rooms 5xx1 and 5xx2 would be ideal, if they are indeed connecting.

Are the rooms from the Room Finder in that building? If so, you could amend as follows: I would like to request connecting rooms along with Reservation [other number], ideally in a Cabanas building. Rooms 5xx1 and 5xx2 would be perfect, if they are indeed connecting.


Perfect. Thank you!