Confusion over Universal Tickets

Planning a first-time Universal trip. I see that when I look at ticket prices on the Universal website, under the section where I input # of tickets, it indicates Adult is 18+. But in the app and everywhere else it seems to be 10+. What’s up with this, and can you actually buy a child ticket for a 17 year old on the website?
Also, why can I buy the exact same tickets cheaper through Universal than with Undercover Tourist? This question is asked in hindsight because I thought I was doing myself a favor by purchasing through Undercover Tourist, as I did with my WDW tickets many years ago, but it was not cheaper, so am unclear what their Best Price Guarantee means. The deal is already done, and I was just wished a beautiful day when I emailed about it, but was hoping someone had insight into this for future reference.

Not sure what you’re seeing. I’m seeing 10+ on the website. Post a screenshot if desired.

If I recall, this can happen with a 1 or 2 day ticket. Multi day tickets (3+ days) seem to always be cheaper on the third party sites. It’s always good to compare. Lately, Orlando Informer has had the best prices.

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Not sure if I did that right. Anyway, I can no longer find this, so it was a fluke which oddly makes me feel better!
Yes, I thought I had done my research but I should have done more, lesson learned. Makes me nervous about my trip, almost makes me not want to bother! As in, if I just wing it I can’t fret or worry about what I don’t know! But I know I won’t do that…:blush:
I’ll check out Orlando Informer next time, thanks for the tip.