Confused about what my plan is showing. Can anyone help?

Hi, I’ve created this plan for a morning at hollywood studios and I’m confused about the timing for a FastPass for Frozen Sing-along. I have the fastpass set for 11:00 and it says using fastpass for 11:00-11:20 as opposed to the usual hour.

I’ve never made fastpass reservations before so I don’t really know what to expect. How does it work for the shows? Should I anticipate selecting a FP for the exact show time? Or a window around the show time?

Here is a link to the plan if anyone is curious:


Fast passes cover a one hour window, however, since shows are on a fixed schedule usually only one show would fall in that hour. In this case you selected an 11 reservation for Frozen so it put you in line for the 11:30 show. Because of this your fast pass needs to be used between 11 and 11:20 as they typically open up any remaining seats in the fast pass area to the general queue a few minutes before the show.

Thanks. I figured it was something like that but wasn’t really sure. So when I go make my FP reservations, are they offered based on show time? How do I know what time to pick? If a show I want to see is at 11:30 can I make a FP reservation at 10:30 and get into it?

Also, when you have FP for a show, do you get in early at all to sit down?

The fp times for shows are usually just available on the hour. So you’ll pick the 11am window for the 11:30 show. Or it might actually show 11:30 I can’t remember but it should be obvious. Unlike rides they won’t have times every 15 minutes.

You will get in a little early and you want to be sure and show up when they load the FP line because they do open up the area if there are more people waiting in the standby line after the FP line is empty.

Having said all of that you probably won’t need a fp for the frozen show. It rarely fills up.

Ok. That makes sense.

Yeah, I’ve heard they don’t fill up. We probably won’t be doing much there that needs a FP. I have Rockin Roller Coaster on the plan but I don’t think we will end up doing it since we will have our 4 year old with us. If it weren’t for wanting to do Toy Story I probably wouldn’t use them at all. But since I can’t schedule them for two different parks I might as well use them. Or maybe I will just use Toy Story and on the day of see what I can get at a different park immediately after we use the Toy Story FP.

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With the third track you could probably get away with doing tsmm first thing and booking your fp at the second park. Wait times have only been between 15-and 30 minutes.