Confused about Savannah View in Room Finder - what should I request?

I have “Savannah View” room booked with 2 Queen beds, Jambo. When I select Savannah View w/2 Queen beds in the room finder, there’s only a handful of matching rooms, which seems like it can’t be accurate. Any recommendations on what I should put in my room request?

Make sure the “touring plans picks” box is not checked.

It’s not checked. It returns 5 rooms, total.

@len there is something wrong with the AKL room finder. I know you said you planned on updating it a couple of months ago. Did something happen?

Yeah, that’s weird. I’ll check it.

@ljhealey - select “Arusha Savannah/2 Queen Beds”, please. We’ll clean up the old “Savannah View” label. Sorry about that.