Confused about Memory Maker

Hello everyone again, thanks for taking the time.
If you read my post a couple weeks ago (and remember my name) I wanted to do a quick update… we landed normal people ADR for BOG!! it worked!! we got a breakfast spot for 9:30am. Still trying for something a little earlier if possible, but happy to have it. Oh, and my tp laid it all out so that we do the Belle Enchantment thingy just before… so I thought maybe that might be nice.

Ok, to my current question…

What is the deal with memory maker? Do you have to make this purchase now to have any of the photos taken of you and family in the park?

I was telling my sister about it and she was all like, “weird, years ago we went and disney staff offered to take photos of us all over the park, and they gave us a card we carried and they scanned, and then, after the trip we logged in with the card number and took whatever photos we wanted.”

Does this not exist anymore? Is she remembering incorrectly?
Do you have to purchase memory maker to get access to photos or to ever have anyone of the staff take photos?

thanks so much

I know the old system “Photo Pass” they would give you a card to scan, but now Memory Maker is linked to your MDE account with your Magic Band. I think they do still hand out cards to scan if you do not have a MB.
You can have as many photos taken as you want even if you don’t have MM purchased. You have access to them, but they will be watermarked and you would have to pay for each separate download.
You can purchase MM ahead of time before your trip and that way you will be able to download all photos taken, ride photos, ride videos, magic shots.
You can also purchase MM after your trip too if you’re not sure, but it costs a bit more afterwards.

Also keep in mind the individual pictures are $15 a piece. And if you decide to do it after it’s $50 more.