Confused about Evening EMH

Hi! Headed to WDW for a brief adults-only trip the first week in April. We’re currently planning on hitting EPCOT on a day with evening EMH (Tuesday, April 2).

Our custom touring plan seems to think ride waits will be short during EMH (10 minutes for Soarin), but many articles (including on TP) indicate that crowds can be quite high during evening EMH and to avoid parks with evening EMH…so which is it?

TP has both WDW and EPCOT crowds at 7 for that day.

yea I had always heard the same and it has been my experience that evening EMH can be CRAZY, but I have an Epcot EMH TP that gave Soarin a 15 minute wait on CL 7. I plan on visiting right after dinner elsewhere and if I see the waits are over 30 minutes, I will just bail

I’ve found that morning EMH is quiet, and gives you better wait times, and evening EMH is a zoo.

Does your TP have Soarin’ DURING the Evening hours or in the middle of the day on a day with Evening hours? Are you attending the Evening Magic Hours?

I ask because my cousin went during Spring Break (high CL) and she said she got SO much done quickly during Evening Magic Hours. She would spend the day at a non EMH park, then hop to the park DURING EMH.

We went to evening EMH at Epcot during Thanksgiving week and even with the massive crowds it was pretty much walk on everything after about the first half hour. It was truly almost like having the park to yourself. I highly recommend utilizing the EMH when there.


good to hear

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my soarin plan is about 1030 pm during emh

Interesting! I’m interested to see what people say.

Soarin’ is in the TP during EMH.

That’s good to hear!

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We did soarin at EMH around 9:45 / 10 pm in mid-August and it was a walk on. We actually waited a round to get on B1 for a perfect ride.

Test track had a wait though. We ended up doing mission space twice (green and orange), soarin and test track. We considered running to Frozen to do that before test track but decided not to risk it.

well if 15 minutes for soarin on a cl 7 holds up, i have no complaints, i just find it hard to believe

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I looked back at our date and Epcot was a 6 so it was pretty true to our experience.

What about evening EMH at MK?

That sounds great. We’ve got a TestTrack FP earlier in the day, but we’re hoping to hit Soarin’ and Frozen during EMH.