Conflicting wait times for Voyage of the Little Mermaid

I’m reading the 2017 book, and sometimes I come across conflicting information. For example, for DHS’s Voyage of the Little Mermaid, the information section says “When to go: Before 9:45am” (first show essentially) and that the “Probable wait time: Before 9:30am, 10-30 minutes, after 9:30am, 35-70 minutes.”

Then the Touring Tips says “Except during the busiest holiday periods, it’s unusual for anyone in line not to be admitted to the next showing… Typical waits are under 25 minutes most of the year.”

Under 25 minutes with no trouble getting into any show is significantly different than the possible 70 minute wait time for anything after the first show. This isn’t the only place where the authors contradict themselves. So I guess I am wondering why the conflicting information, and which one to go by. Because at possible wait of 70 minutes I would just drop this show from my plan altogether.

I don’t know why there is conflicting info, but you definitely don’t need to do this early in the day, or expect a long wait. We have never waited long for it, maybe 10 minutes. It’s a filler attraction we do in between the headliners. It is also very easy to get a FPP for once you have used your first three.

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That is very strange. It is not a " must do" for me but I have never waited for a second show. Sometimes if a show just started they will tell you to back closer to the next show.


What is the 2017 book?

I wonder if the accelerating crowds are making them more cautious with advice.
I think that if you’re going in July or over Thanksgiving, Easter, or Christmas, there’s a chance you’ll have to wait through one whole show for the following show, which, depending on your timing, could take an hour. But the rest of the year I would expect a shorter wait - just depends when you turn up relative to the next showtime.

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Unofficial Guide to Wdw 2017 i guess

@allycat143 - I agree that you likely won’t have a long wait. The UG (Unofficial Guide) has been saying this same thing since at least 1998 (“before 9:30 or just before closing”), @len - please review the wording for this attraction. TIA

Will do. Thanks.

The Touring Tip is correct, the “Probable Wait Time” is not.