How close in time can I make ADRs without there being a conflict?

Why I’m asking - I’m using mousewatcher and I already have an ADR for that day. I’d like to have a later time for same restaurant. When I get an alert, the reservation is usually already gone by the time I can get to it. But at least 3 times now, I can get to the new time. Disney tells me I have a conflict and tells me to click on the reservation I want to keep. When I click on the old one (the one I want to cancel) it says I have to go back to my future plans, cancel it and then come back and make new reservation (which it will be gone by then and I won’t even have the one I’ve got now) or to call Disney and have them cancel or modify my reservation (which the open one will be long gone by then.) It seems like in the past when it gave me that choice of which ADR to keep, it would automatically cancel the other one for me. Am I doing something wrong or is that gone?

I believe it is just over an hour in between reservations that is allowed. Been through the same problem myself many times. Now that one can cancel a reservation any time from 2 hours and beyond without penalty, There will be a lot more reservations.

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This has been my experience too - just over an hour will not require a cancellation.