Confisco Grille, or Mythos?

Which do you like better? Also, opinions on Lombard’s Seafood?

Do not do lombards. Mythos is better than Confisco but watch its opening hours it closes between 4/6 pm depending on season. Highly recommend finnigans in USF for TS $80 for 3 adults and 1 child inc tip and there was a few beers had.

Thanks. I was leaning towards Mythos so I’ll keep that reservation.

What didn’t you like about Lombard’s? Reviews I’ve read have given me the impression it’s better than Finnegan’s.

I agree that Lombards is not very good. The food there is only mediocre. However, my family liked Confisco Grille much better than Mythos. We had a burger at Mythos that was literally burned. The menu at Confisco is more in line with what my family will eat. We have eaten there twice and have enjoyed it both times.

We enjoyed Mythos - although it happened to be a pleasant happenstance than anything else - so no expectations going into it. But is was nice. Good menu, nice service and just a civilized break from a hectic day.