Confirmed - food transfer cancelled

Just a heads up for anyone with a split stay coming up.

From unconfirmed posts on the DIS, it seems that Disney might no longer transfer chilled and frozen food between resorts.

They will still refrigerate deliveries and items you drop off. So if transferring resorts you’d need to take your stuff over yourself, if this is true.

The reports are from FB posts and also one phone call, so I’m treating this as definitely unconfirmed for now. If any Liner can confirm or deny the rumour I’ll update the title of the thread.

It was discussed on chat yesterday, I thought there was a link. I’ll have a quick look.

It was on Kenny the Pirate.

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Frankly, I’m astonished that they ever did.


We used it on each of our DVC stays.

Another change that keeps on diminishing the benefits of staying onsite, although this one impacts DVC members more than anyone else.

It means we’ll just transfer our stuff ourselves, which isn’t a huge problem since I never plan a busy day on transfer days. It was just nice knowing that everything would be taken care of for us.


Why do you think this?

Well because all DVC rooms have at least a kitchenette, whilst others have full kitchens with a full size fridge and freezer.

Plus I would think that split stays are more common amongst DVC members , partly because of availability but also because it lends itself to split stays.