Confirmation: UOR AP pick-up at hotel?

I’ve seen mixed information on this. Searching on these forums, some threads have suggested that you can actually pick up your Annual Pass at the UOR hotels. (I bought Seasonal Passes for our family last year, and just have a bar-code in an email…we didn’t get the actual passes yet.)

However, on other information I found on various sites Googling this, there was indication that you could ONLY pick up your Annual Pass from outside the parks at the Guest Services area.

So…I’m trying to figure out which is true.

We arrive on a Sunday afternoon, will check into our hotel probably around 4 or so, and then head over to Disney Springs for an ADR at Rainforest Cafe. I’d like to just be able to pick up our Seasonal Passes right there at Dockside Inn before we head over to DS. It would be annoying to have to either do it first thing Monday morning (eating into our early entry time), or do it Sunday by busing over to Citywalk and doing it in the evening, then heading back.

Thanks to anyone who has actually done this at a hotel to confirm!

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I did, last weekend!

We arrived late on Thursday night, so the ticket counter was closed. (We were at Portofino). It opened at 7am the next morning, and they printed both an AP for me, and individual passes for the rest of my family.

I think they’re typically open somewhere in the 7:00-5:00 range. I thought we’d be late, picking up tickets and then heading to the park for an 8:00 opening, but we weren’t.

We DID have issues with our tickets, but hopefully that’s a one-off because my husband and son have similar names. (The same number was printed on both of their tickets. It took a few days to get straightened out, with multiple guest services visits)


Ah! Okay. So…we just need to find out the ticket counter hours at Dockside Inn, and either arrive before then on Sunday, or be there first thing Monday morning before heading over to the parks.

That’s quite helpful. Thanks!

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I’ve picked up several APs at the hotel ticket desks without issue!


If you are on the payment plan you must pick it up at the park.


I have picked up my AP, my daughter’s AP and every other ticket we’ve needed at the vacation planning desks at Dockside. I’ve never even waited in a line!! Most people don’t realize what these desk are for! It’s so much faster & easier than any place else in the parks to get your tickets.

Oh! They close at 7pm…

Have fun!!


I had zero problems picking up passes at the hotel in December.

Same- I picked up mine a CBBR with no issue a couple of weeks ago.

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This is super helpful! I will be arriving between 5-7pm so it’s good to know it hopefully won’t be closed at 5pm.


I called Dockside Inn and directly asked, and he said they were open from 7 am to 8 pm. But even 7 pm works. 5 pm, and we would have felt a bit of pressure.

But again, thanks everyone!