Confession Time

I make personalized plans based on past trips and recommendations from many sources including easywdw. Then I hit evaluate to check the timing. We generally stick to the plans we made once we’re in the parks.

@ Duchess etc. Your posts/ideas/suggestions have helped me re-think our park schedules. Thanks for your input!!

I have a bigger confession - I have never used a touring plan. I haven’t done a rope drop to park close day since I was a teenager. I am a spoiled Florida resident who can go for a few hours and do a few things and know I will always go back.

But I was looking at KtPs halloween character thing and I was wondering how to sort his list of characters by the times they appear and location, so I am considering doing a TP for that.

I’ve been a subscriber for years & never once made a TP here. I joined for the wait times & stayed for the chat. I’m glad the forum seems good so far. I’m sure it will continue to improve as people get used to it. I’ve been writing my own “itineraries” since 1999.

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I’ve never created a TP either, however, I plan to if my grandchildren ever make it to WDW. We are also AP and never really follow a specific itinerary other than what we have for FPP selections each day.

I’ll confess, I am only going for 5 days in the park, and I have 11 touring plans…haha

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Confession: I’ve never used a touring plan but I might next week, since I waited till last minute to make FPP and my choices stunk! Kinda looking forward to finding out what all the TP hype is about. I usually just enjoy wandering the parks and going on a few rides. Relaxed touring works for me.

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(Regarding TP not bumping 7DMT to the top of any Touring Plan):

You’d think that the TP software would have special “tags” for the hottest ride in the park. Meaning, for 7DMT, it would flag it as either “run, first thing, do not stop” … or “hit 5 minutes before park closing” … Whichever is better. I usually manually Evaluate, then bump the super-headliner (or hottest rides) to the top for rope drop.


Agreed! One thing you can do is look at wait times mid-day. Those with the longest waits are the ones to hit first, last or FPP (generally).

Why would they do that? By now they probably have enough wait time data to make reasonable predictions and come up with the best overall TP, which might not involve hot-footing it to a “hot” ride.

Agreed. But, @roguepixel wanted to know “what’s hot” so looking at waits mid-day seemed like a quick way to do that.

That is what I have been doing also. Much happier with my results after I rearrange and evaluate.

Another to confess to never using a plan… We go Commando all the way. though I can’t lie I do use many of the tips just no plan.

First trip. 6 days. 25 TPs (including park hopping, backups, manual vs optimized)

A man after my own heart. You can never have enough PTPs!

25 plans?! Oh my goodness gracious that is a whole new level of planning! I usually do my TPs laying in hotel the night before–after we’ve impulsively decided which park(s) to do the next day. Then I fiddle with them in every line.

I might need to take it down a notch

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We always do our own thing! Never made a touring plan here. Someday see see what bus is here to decide our park!

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Glad to see you here! :slight_smile:

I confess, I have never used a TP and I’ve never read the UG. Shhhhh, don’t tell anybody.