Concierge Level Rooms

If you are staying in an Atrium-level room at the Contemporary (or I guess really any Concierge level room) does it help to complete the online check in, or is it better to just go to the special check-in desk on the 12th floor?

We’re on the Atrium level not by choice, but because it was where there was a room available in the main building (this is our first visit to WDW with a child and our first time to stay on property). So we’d appreciate anyone’s advice who has experience in this area. Thanks!

When I have booked concierge I have emailed them my room requests directly. I got exactly what I wanted.

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Thank you so much! Do you have any preferences for the Contemporary? In room views here, there are none available for the 12th floor in particular. We have booked (again, not by choice) the Bay Lake view. Can we request a potential MK view upgrade, or is that not worth it as we’ll be at the parks all day anyway? Is it better or worse to be near the elevators? We are not particularly light sleepers, but we will have a 2yo with us.

Someone just posted on chat to look at 4818! It is far from the elevator but with a two year old you will most likely be using a stroller through the halls.

Thank you, again!

I understand from what I learned on another site that room 4818 is actually on the 12th floor. That was not clear to me from the way the information was presented on the room page (that it is an unusual room numbering scheme does not help). Again I apologize.

Room 4818 is on the 12th floor. Are you not on the Atrium Club Level? (12th floor)? Here is a Touring Plans Blog Post that is a few years old. Has it changed?

It is. I was confirming that. I had seen the view for 4818 before, and presumed, based on years of staying in hotels, that room 4818 was on the 4th floor.

I was apologizing for dismissing the view of 4818 as being on the 4th, rather than 12th, floor. On another site, I found a map of the rooms, which included the room numbers for each floor, and a description that explained the number scheme for the rooms in the Contemporary, including that 4818 was on the 12th floor.

Therefore, I came back here, and I apologized for not understanding that (because the room numbers were confusing to me). So you were/are correct. I again apologize if my post was confusing to you. You have been very helpful.

No need to apologize ! I was afraid you thought I was giving the wrong information! Thank you for your post since I am sure you have helped others!

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