Concierge and Non-Concierge Cruising Together

We are a family of 5 plus an extra adult (aunt) traveling together. We will book 2 staterooms. We’d like to book one stateroom at the concierge level and put the minimum occupancy there to save on costs - so 2 in concierge and the other 4 booked in a lower category stateroom.

Will Disney Cruise Line allow our children who are booked in the lower category stateroom to join us for early embarkation, and in the lounge/sundeck? Do you have to check in with each member of your party when you enter these areas?

Any advice on this strategy would be much appreciated!


From what I have read the answer is no. Only those staying in the concierge room will get the amenities staying concierge. Your family would be able to join you in your room and also a cabana if you book one. However only those guests staying concierge are allowed in lounge/sun deck. Your key to the world card is different if concierge guest. The boarding process will be different for them too depending on their PAT.