Compression socks

Second set arrived today.

I like that they have sone fun patterns. They feel scratchy though. I will try them tomorrow.


Probably because of the wool? I have some merino wool socks that I…hate. Part of it is how they feel.

Most likely but I own wool that isn’t scratchy. Maybe it will work when they are on, or after a washing.


I have this problem with compression socks too…

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So I tested the knee high Sockwell pair after my 6 miles in EP.

When I first put them on they didn’t feel any different than a regular pair of socks. Not as itchy as I was expecting but not as soft as the Lily Trotters. They were warmer and I had to take them off when my feet got hot.

But when I stood up my feet felt good and weren’t swollen so I guess they worked :woman_shrugging:


Once again. Give these a look see. They are thin and the price is right. Not hot at all. No wool. work well for me. ( Double Couple 7 Pairs Copper Compression Socks for Men Women 20-30 mmHg Knee High Stockings : Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

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I picked the first two brands based on lots of reviews I read. If I buy more these might make the cut :wink:

I wore the Sockwell crew pair for my walk today.

They are higher than what I would call a crew sock.

The tops were kind of tight.

They do not wick moisture at all. A lot of my trails here are grass so my feet get wet. I have some hiking socks that are great for this.

I’ve got the Sockwell knee high pair on now post walk.

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I just bought 3 pairs of these…

Run Forever Calf Compression Sleeves For Men And Women - Leg Compression Sleeve - Calf Brace For Running, Cycling, Travel

I like them better than the previous brand, and they were cheaper too.

They sell a sock version, but for restless legs I like the sleeve better. I also liked that these had a wider variety of sizes, rather than just S/M, and L/XL. I was able to buy Medium.

ETA: here is the sock version…

Run Forever Sports Compression Socks for Women & Men | 20-30 mmHg Knee High Medical Grade Compression Stockings

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I spent the weekend renovating my closet. There was a lot of standing and walking involved.

When I finished and sat down on the couch my feet were killing me!

I pulled on the Lily Trotter knee highs and 20 minutes later my feet are feeling great!

So maybe they do make a difference if I really need them :wink:


So…was it the Lily Trotter knee highs…or the 20 minutes? :grin:

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Probably both but other times when my feet feel like that they get stiff and hurt worse when I stand up.

So this was different.


You can wear compression socks with sandals!

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