Compression socks

I just bought Newzill branded compression socks and sleeves. I like the sleeves better. 20-30 mmHg. I wouldn’t like the 15-20 mmHg.

I went with this brand because it is a USA small business.

So far I like them. I bought them for sleeping at night to help my restless leg syndrome. The sleeve helps more than the socks because I think the socks don’t compress quite as well.

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I just woke up with leg/foot cramps for the second night in a row. I was wondering what helps them? Compression socks or something? And then I saw this thread!

Not sure if they do help. This is new for me. But I thought it was funny that I was just thinking about them.

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This can be a sign of low potassium as well.


I do remember hearing that too. Could be. I have the worst possible eating habits. I’ll have to look into it more.

Compression socks definitely help during marathon weekend after the big races. I wear a pair after the half-marathon and another after the marathon.

I have found it way more important to try and reduce the swelling than to worry about how I look in the parks. But, definately no sandals with the socks (LOL).

I use athletic compression socks that come up to the knee. I purchased mine at “the running room” store. There is a technique to getting them on and off, since they are really tight, but once you figure that out it isn’t too bad.

I also do the trick I learned on the boards here where I spend about an hour after a day in the park with my feet elevated. Basically, lay with your butt against the wall and your feet straight up the wall. This helps with the swelling.

If I am getting foot cramps and/or muscle twitches, I tend to think it is related to an electrolyte imbalance, as mentioned above. Maybe salt pills, a sports drink or Pedialyte may help.


Fellow bitchy feet brigade member reporting for duty on this thread! (Meaning following and debating if I want to try some for my trip in a week).

Do they help with foot pain? Or just the ankle swelling?


There are several stores in Nashville that sell Sockwell socks (and probably others). Sales people there might help guide you to a type to try.

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They might, but there are lots of causes for foot pain. I know you aren’t keen on doctors/PTs, but have you been fit for your walking shoes at a really good running store? Do you already to exercises for the muscles in your feet?


I’m not unkeen on doctors, I have quite a few of them :rofl: I just typically try to tough injuries out myself first. I haven’t really thought about seeing a doctor for my foot pain, but maybe I should. I tried a recommended running store and got insoles there, but they really weren’t very helpful. They basically shrugged at me when I asked if the shoes I was using were ok. And never heard of foot muscle exercises :thinking:


I don’t usually have foot pain but when I do it’s because I have flat-ish feet. I should be doing more exercises to improve my arches. When I’m hiking or in the parks, I have to wear arch supports. DH had a bout of plantar fasciitis and was giving exercises by a PT. I’m sure someone with more knowledge/expertise could tell you more.


I found these on Amazon for about $17 for 7 pairs. You would think for this price they would be junk but there not. Work well and for some reason they have copper threads in them. Have
14 pair now and I wear them mainly for walking. Keeps my legs from tiring out so fast. Have used them at WDW on several occasions. I would NOT advise wearing them to bed though. They restrict blood flow so not a good idea. ( Double Couple 7 Pairs Copper Compression Socks for Men Women 20-30 mmHg Knee High Stockings : Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry


There are exercises for foot pain. Plantar fascitis, for example, has specific things you do. Doesn’t quickly resolve itself otherwise.

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This is actually the ONLY time I wear them. They help restless legs.

This is absolutely false.

They don’t restrict blood flow, they help to improve it, therefore preventing pooling and fluid collection in the tissues.

In bed is precisely one of the times when they can be most effective, providing that support and enhanced blood flow that is absent without that created by compression of muscles with movement (like walking).


Or low magnesium or low sodium.

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True! (Although…low sodium is rarely a problem in most American diets! :laughing:)


Go to a different running store.
I suggest telling staff you’ve been trying to walk more days a week.
Ask them to help you select the best shoes for your fit and gait.

A question such as: are these (that you walked in with) ok kinda gives the message you’re not there to buy shoes - and they’re in the business of selling shoes.

Telling them you’ve been walking more every week indicates you’re following thru, recognize a need and might buy shoes.

A really good thing to do is call to see if you can set up an appointment to fit you for a serious pair of walking shoes.

Your recurring blisters and foot pain could be indicators of ill fitting shoes.

I got the best fitting shoes ever in boot camp and never had blisters or pain. I hadn’t known shoes could fit so comfortably right out of the box.

And we walked a fair bit. :smile:


My metatarsals (safety hightop workboots I wore for work) are great! I wore them all day, every day, for several years. My job had me on the move, doing a lot of walking on concrete each day. My feet never blistered, never hurt. Maybe it’s because the hightops and the laces held them firmly in place. Now that I’m retired, I’m taking them to AZ to wear in places where I need closed toe shoes (e.g. Metal Club).

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After reading what has been discussed here so far and some extra research on brands you all have mentioned I have ordered a pair of crew (to try during my long 5K training walks) and a knee high pair from both Sockwell and Lilly Trotter.

I will update here how it goes and what I like and don’t like about them. And then possibly will test some more!

About the leg cramps I think it was @Jennifer_B_568600 mentioned. I find that when I am having leg cramp issues eating a banana helps instantly! (I am not a doctor :wink:)


If you find you have shin pain at any time - that’s a different issue that may be helped to a small degree by compression stockings but is really a signal that you need new shoes. :slight_smile: Just as FYI.