Complimentary Passes from Disney Employee

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of complimentary passes from Disney employees (not Disney World Cast member)? My brother-in-law works for Disney and has offered us some complimentary passes for our stay next April. My questions revolve around:

  • Linking those passes to My Disney Experience and our Magic Bands
  • Making our FastPass+ reservations 60 days in advance (We have reservations at the Yacht club)
  • Park Hopper option, which we want
  • Adding on other tickets (because his won’t cover our length of stay). - what’s the process and at what rate do we pay (for example, let’s say he has three each for my wife and I, and we want to add on another 3 and our son needs an entire 6 day pass)…

He is trying to get more info from his HR rep, but in the meantime I figured I’d ask here if anyone else had some experience or knowledge of these?

Employee = Cast Member in Disney but I digress to try to help with answering some of your questions :slight_smile:

I found this that might be of some help – it’s pretty lengthy so I didn’t want to quote it all

Cast Member Guest Passes

It is something to note that they have to be with you the first time you enter on the guest passes – I believe this is for every day you enter on a guest pass: You can not just give the Guest Passes to family/friends and have them use them. When visiting a WDW theme park with a guest(s), you must touch your Blue Main Gate Pass to the Mickey touch point first, then immediately your guest(s) must touch their Guest Pass to the touch point.

By “Disney Employee” I mean someone who works for another part of Disney not associated with the theme parks. If they have to be with us, then that won’t work as my brother-in-law wasn’t planning on travelling with us for this trip :slight_smile:

That policy seems to be referring to temporary/recurring employees which I would assume are the employees working in the parks. I’d be curious as to what you find out since I may be in a similar situation in the future.

I think we had similar tickets. Ours were donated to charity and we purchased at auction. Figured we would help out a charity as we had planned to purchase tickets anyway. But ours said complimentary. The first thing I would do is check the expiration date. Ours was not listed on card and that proved to be a problem later. We had planned trip and they were actually expiring before our planned trip. We had 4 tickets and 4 people going for four days. They recommended to me to assign all 4 tickets to one person. Because the more days you buy on a ticket the cheaper it is. So if you have 6 tickets I would assign those to 1 person and buy a 6 day ticket for other. 6 day pass is some what less expensive than buying 2 -3 day tickets. Ours were park hopper so that was not an issue with us. I had to assign each individual number on back of card to my account which took a little time But once I did that I used magic band and was good to go. Also I would definitely assign complementary tickets to an adult as child tickets are cheaper.

@Dawn_locke - did you have nay issues with FastPass+ reservations with the complimentary tickets? How far in advance did you make your reservations?

I have tickets that an employee earns from hours she worked that she gave to me & my party for October. It is a parkhopper. We recently hit our 60 day mark to book our fast passes which we did with no problems.

We stayed on sight so we’re able to do fp at 60 days out. I already had complementary tickets so they were already linked. No problem linking them it just took a little while because I had yo enter a separate ticket number for each one. So on my account it showed 4 separate tickets for me for 4 days and it showed 1- 4 day park hopper for each of my other family members that I purchased. I think you have to have tickets already linked before you can do fp. And like I said they do have an expiration date

I am going through this right now and will be able to update as soon as I step foot in the park tomorrow.

We are getting free passes through someone who works for Disney (I won’t give his exact title, but he was a big player in developing Pandora). Note: I am not staying on site. What this means is:

  1. I cannot link the tickets & he had to pick our FPP 7 days out.
  2. His tickets are park hoppers
  3. He has to meet us at the park each day to get us in. Once we are in, we can park hop without him meeting us as the next park.

It will be interesting when the FPP run out and how I go about getting new ones since I have never used the kiosks before.

So the tickets aren’t linked to MDE at all?

I’m looking for info on current policies. I might be able to get WDW tickets from someone who works for the Disney company. She won’t be able to come with us. Will her tickets only be good at a particular park on a particular day, or will we have flexibility on which days we use them, and will they be Park Hoppers? I’m trying to figure out what to ask for…Thanks!