Complimentary Parking returns to resorts

Woah. I never thought they’d do this in a million years.


Holy shit! Yeah count that under ‘never thought I’d see the day’… wow! That is really excellent news and was really such an obvious gross cash grab from the start. And I don’t even ever have a car in WDW.


My wife told me about this a few minutes ago. I can’t help but think this might be the beginning of Iger-era changes.


It always seemed backward to me. If they were going to charge for parking at all, it should have been for day guests who were not staying onsite, but it should have free still for those with resort reservations. But I’m glad it’s being stopped overall!


I stopped renting cars when WDW did this. However, I hate WDW buses!!! It takes forever to get anywhere. This is something that makes me interested in WDW again. I’m not ready to return yet, but this is the right direction!!


I’m thrilled about this change! We need a rental car this trip and I was so annoyed when I discovered that on top of astronomical resort prices that I also had to pay for parking.

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I’m trying to figure out the cynical, short-term reason why they would do this. :thinking::rofl:

Long-term reason is it will make staying onsite more desirable, which will have a marginal impact on filling up the hotels and increasing rates overall. Which is good for both Disney and guests.


I mean we have seen a lot more discounts released lately. Maybe they were having an issue filling rooms and parking fees were a common complaint and easiest way to get people back in them.


If that were the case, I think this would be “for a limited time” or a discount perk like the dining card. I don’t think they would have made a permanent policy change. They could have easily added it to the sprint discount by saying “free parking at the resort included”.

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And see my thought was that maybe by doing this they won’t have to offer as many discounts bc they’ll gain back some customers that drive that have chose to stay elsewhere with free parking. I don’t think they really want to offer many discounts.

I’m happy to see this change too, even if it means they’re just hiding the parking fee inside the nightly room rate. I hate additional charges.


This change happened the day we left the resort from our 10 day stay. :frowning_face:
We had just discussed mentioning, if we were to receive a survey, that we were disappointed that we had to pay for parking, but we only received trash removal every other day.