Complimentary magic bands

Interesting tid bit, I was able to place an order for complimentary magic band for a March 2021 trip. I thought that was going away?

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I’m still seeing them for January - haven’t ordered one yet…still deciding if I want another one.

I’m guessing that removing them is the least of their worries at the moment but once things settle a bit they’ll disappear.


So we booked a last minute trip for August 12-19, on Friday, July 31. We ordered magic bands on August 1. They said we would need to order by August 6. My question is how can they possibly get here in time? Our MDE still says the order is being fulfilled and we’ll receive notice when they ship with tracking information. Do they send them with an overnight or two day service? Ack! And we upgraded! Did we just waste that money?


They may send them to your resort for pickup.

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Someone on chat reported this happened to them. Unfortunately they didn’t come in time but they were refunded for the upgraded bands. They picked up plain ones at the hotel when they arrived.

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Thank you both. I would love it if they sent them to the resort but somehow I doubt that will happen. As long as we don’t have to pay for upgraded bands we can’t use, though, I’ll be happy. :blush:

Well, my magic bands “shipped” yesterday. Finally, they are in transit. But they have to go kitty corner clear across the country! No delivery date is provided. Still skeptical they will arrive on time. But hope springs eternal!

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fingers crossed!!

That’s exactly what happened to us. It was annoying because we ordered them in plenty of time and then Disney goes and ships them 3 days before our trip.

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They made it on time! I am surprised but thrilled!



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So pretty!

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