Comparing crowds levels at UO/WDW

I cannot decide whether to go to WDW or UO. I have trips booked at both 7/31 - 8/8/18

The crowd levels are higher at UO (7-9 levels) than at WDW (6-7 level) during this timeframe. But, considering I will have UExp (staying at Hard Rock) should that be a consideration?

Would you say that either UO or WDW is better during a crowded time?

If you are considering both places equally, having Express Pass makes it a no-brainer. Even at high crowd levels, your waits with Express Pass will not be too bad, with a few exceptions. I think we have all been realizing that the Disney crowds lately are out of control and really don’t look like they will be getting any better anytime soon.

You really can’t compare crowd levels between the two resorts - in fact, you really can’t directly compare CLs between WDW parks (a 7 at MK is not necessarily like a 7 at EP). The most useful comparisons are between different days at the same park.

That being said, I agree with @rebeecky that UOR (with EP) is far, far easier that WDW when both resorts are more crowded

WDW for the simple fact -> Pandora’s Flight of Passage. :slight_smile:

As others have said, Express makes UOR a no brainer.

Express Pass is a gift from Heaven… I’d go with UOR, simply because EP works with (almost) everything, whereas you only get a handful of Fastpasses at WDW. You’ll wait much less at UOR with EP, regardless of CL’s.

Thanks for your input.