Comp Tickets for problems - what are they really worth?

Has anyone been issued comp tickets for problems and really gotten good value out of them? On the surface, they may sound like good - but in reality I don’t think there are very many instances that you actually get a good value from them. They are not upgradable and since WDW ticket prices are front loaded, unless you are getting a comp ticket that will cover the entire time frame of your next trip - with the exact entitlement you want (PH, WP, etc) - they tend to be not that good. I can think of a couple of examples.

  1. You are given a 1-day comp ticket for some troubles you had. But next time you plan a trip you want to plan a 5 day trip. This comp ticket is worth $10 - since you will still have to buy a 4 day ticket to make up the difference. Unless you are going to fly/drive out for a 1 day trip this is almost worthless.
  2. You are given multiple 1 day tickets for some troubles - again since they are not upgradable maybe you can piece them together for 1 person to use - hopefully you have enough 1 day tickets for the entire trip or again you will be buying an entirely new ticket for this person at the high front loaded prices.
  3. You have an AP - and always renew. Comp tickets are completely useless for you to actually use since you cannot use them for your renewal. You probably just end up giving them away.

The only situations I can see these being good are if you live close to WDW, don’t have an AP and can go for 1 day trips, but most people do not plan 1 day trips.

I am curious if anyone has really used them effectively - I am mainly thinking about tickets people receive to resolve problems, not so much CM comp tickets, friends and family, etc. That is a whole different animal.

I have not received them ever but they could be good in few situations. Like I have 4 day ph military tickets. They are also not upgradable and to add and extra park day on is really crazy expensive so a one day comp would work for me, and I could spend 5 days in the park.
I am sure there are some other special tickets like these that are out there. Maybe for the YES tickets and maybe special make a wish tickets. Basically any of the tickets that are already a really discounted price-these can not be upgraded bit someone may want more days than they have on or can get on the special tickets.