Commute time from pop century to fantasmic

How much time should I allow to get from Pop Century to HS for Fantasmic? We have the dinner package, so reserved seats. This would be in September and the show is at 8:00.

The bus should take about 8-10 minutes, How long you have to wait for that bus is the unknown. I would leave an hour ahead of time to allow bus wait time, meandering through the park and not feeling rushed.

Build in an hour for sure. You have to factor in the walk to the bus at Pop, the wait for the bus, the ride, and the walk to the park from the bus. It could be as short at 30 minutes but that’s with a lot of luck.

Are you eating lunch and then taking a break?

Yes, we’ll be there til 4 or so and then go back to the resort for a bit til Fantasmic.

I agree. 30 mins if all conditions are perfect (minimal wait at bus, minimal wait at tapstiles, low-ish crowd making for ease of walking from gate to amphitheater). So build a solid hour for insurance and you’ll enjoy a stress-free evening.

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