Commute time from airport to hotel

Arriving at airport at 10:40, how long should it take to get to AOA with baggage claim, magical express, etc. in March? @Chiokerri

There are many variables (how far from gate to baggage claim, how long to wait for you bag to show up, how long for the bus to arrive/depart, how much traffic, what order the bus drops off at WDW, etc.), but the “common wisdom” (I’ve never done this myself) seems to be plan on 2 hours from landing to arrival at your resort. If you’re taking MDE, you shouldn’t have to worry about baggage claim (unless it 10:40 PM and you want to make sure the bags are with you).

Thank you! It’s 10:40 AM.
So, possibly arriving at AOA by 1:00.

If you’re letting MDE handle the bags, you will probably cut 20 min (or maybe more) off the time at the airport. I think a 1:00 PM arrival time is realistic - and you might even get there earlier. :slight_smile:

If you’re including baggage claim, does this mean you’re arriving from outside the US? If so, then add another hour to allow for immigration and customs. Worryingly I’ve read it’s sometimes taking longer than that, and I’m really hoping that’s an exaggeration! We’re arriving on DS’s 21st birthday and the sooner we can get to TOTW to celebrate, the better. :grinning:

Nope, she’s in the US

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I can vouch that immigration can indeed take over an hour. Last september I spent about 1.5 hours in that line. They play the Illuminations Reflections of Earth song though! :smiley: Sorry @Nickysyme! But I hope all will be speedy and easy for you!

Oh well, c’est la vie. On our previous visits, we’ve done both the direct flight to Orlando and the indirect route via Newark. Either have the added stress of “will we make the connection” after immigration but an easy stroll to MDE at Orlando, or straight to our destination but then the extra wait there.

I prefer Orlando as our first point of entry, even if it takes longer to get to the coach. Far less stressful!