Community Hall @ BLT & Smores/Movies @ Contemp

If we re staying @ Poly, any issue to use Community Hall @ BLT? Any issue to have smores/movies @ Contemporary? We were going to get dinner @ Cali Grill and wondering if I will encounter any issues if we’re at a different monorail hotel but not these particular ones. My understanding is that cool to use amenities at sister hotels in this way (like the Kidani/Jambo back-and-forth) but maybe it’s frowned upon or outright banned? Let me know.

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I don’t know if community Hall’s are restricted to DVC members. If you are DVC shouldn’t be a problem. Pool hopping a different matter, some DVC resort pools are restricted to that resort(BC) or restricted at certain times of year. Probably should check with DVC guide or hotel staff

Poly and GF share resources but I would ask about BLT/CR.

BLT can use CR but CR can’t use BLT.


We’re not DVC (just rent DVC points for trips, for this and last trip)… Wonder if I can find out in advance…? Probably I will get answer I like better over phone then from calling community hall, hm? Already going to be in a bit of trouble with DS7 for booking hotel lacking Community Hall with video system access after he got used to it at Kidani. Was hoping to alleviate the pain by at least swinging by once or twice.

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FYI, if anyone else cares, after calling and holding for a looooong time, I was told that there are several things at community center only available to DVC folks. But that it’s open to anyone, and the PlayStations can be used by anyone. Parent required to be in there w/kid. Now, this was as a Poly guest, so not sure if it’s anyone anywhere, or if this was some sort of benefit to us on another monorail resort. I think the former. Since my kid cares a LOT about PlayStation time, this is very good news for us.

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