Comments on my MK plan please

Day one of two at Magic Kingdom (plus an extra part of day visit to redo anything kids want to). We arrive in Orlando the night before from the UK so whilst we will be awake well in time to make rope drop we are not planning on staying late in the park and will be leaving as the MNSSHP crowd start to arrive.

Managed to snare 7DMT FP for this day and this site has helped me loads in planning.

Would love the experts on here to suggest anything I should amend or change. Also, we have a BOG reservation for 13:40. We will turn up a little early and pre-order because we want to see the Festival of Fantasy Parade at 3pm. Any specific spots (maybe in Frontierland or Liberty Square) anyone would recommend for viewing (3 kids & 2 adults) that are walkable in time from BOG to get a decent view given the timing of our lunch?

Thanks in advance. LOVE this site and all the people on it who give their time to help us newbies!

Assuming that all of the predicted wait times are accurate, your plan looks very reasonable to me. I’m assuming that your second day will focus on AL, FrL, and LS. I’m not sure if you’re planning to watch FoF both days or not, but a note of caution - the main street that goes through FrL and LS becomes very congested 2:30 - 3:30 because of the parade, and getting through there can be a challenge (especially if you have any sort of wheeled vehicle). That would probably be a good time to be either in AL or “around back” by Splash and BTRR.

My favorite spot for the parades is in FrL, near the walk-through to AL, but anywhere along the FrL-LS stretch is good viewing. I can’t remember the last time I watched a parade on MS…

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If this was my plan, I would be most worried about the relatively small amount of free time available. I would be mentally prioritizing which thing can get cut if we get behind schedule for whatever reason. That’s because my first time, I planned too much stuff, and we were rushing around trying to see everything.

If you’re rope-dropping, you can add the Welcome Show to your plan (even if you don’t plan to watch it) and the plan evaluater will adjust your start time a bit.

If you have a smartphone, you can start looking for that Buzz FastPass+ as soon as you scan your MagicBand for 7DMT.

After Barnstormer, you could take the path behind Tomorrowland Speedway to get to Tomorrowland. I think that’s usually less crowded?

I don’t know how old the kids are, but I would make sure you have conservative estimates for your walking speed. We also build in a couple of short (~10 minutes) snack breaks into our day, because I have found that nothing helps grumpy people who’ve been walking too fast to keep up with Dad’s Touring Plan like a Mickey Ice Cream Bar and sitting for 5 minutes.

I concur about adding the welcome show. It tells the system that you’re waiting to enter at RD, not just walkling up behind the crowds.

I noticed you have a 15 minute free time between the carousel and Peter Pan. That may evaporate as you make bathroom breaks or small rests through the morning. You might be better off to just add a break, say after Barnstormer for bathroom and that will make your next selection timings more accurate. Either way, just know you have that play in there because of the FPP for Peter Pan.

You have a note in your SM item about a princess Meet at 11:40, but that’s when your Peter Pan FPP is. Space Mountain is an hour earlier. You might have to rework that or just be aware that there’s a conflict for 2 people.

One thing to consider, watch your timing with the Mickey’s Philharmagic. If you miss a show and have to wait, there’s only one theatre. You don’t have a lot of play between that, ETWB and your BOG. Make sure that doesn’t make you fall behind.

If you’re hoping to add in Buzz Lightyear, add it to the end of your plan. You can have a ride in your plan more than once. That way, you’ll also know what the times are for the ride, even if you don’t get the FPP.

Having planned too tightly in the past, I plan 15 minute bathroom/snack times every 2 hours or so - if we need them great, if we do not need them…we are ahead of schedule