Coming soon: New Fastpass+ Availability Pages


If all goes as planned, we'll be releasing some new features for the site on Friday, 10/24. One that y'all might be interested in shows all of the currently available Fastpass+ times for all attractions, for an entire day:

We're also adding this information to each attraction's page, for easy reference:

Right now we're getting information for a group size of 1, up to 30 days in advance. We're working on different party sizes and up to 60 in advance.

In practice, there doesn't seem to be a lot of difference between a party size of 1 and 4, for most attractions and times. So it's a good, quick barometer of what's available.

We've also got new Dashboard functions and a simplified Attractions page rolling out.

Is 60-90 second too long to wait for optimization w/ advance and 4+ FP recommendations?

What a great feature!! Can't wait to try it out. Thank you!! smile


That looks great @Lentesta. I'm surprised to hear there is little difference between 1 and 4. I'd seen something similar on another site and when I pointed out that some of their info was wrong because they said none available when I could see some available, they indicated it was because they were searching for parties of 4 and I was looking at 2. Still wasn't really buying what they were selling me.


It depends on the attraction. Anna and Elsa, yeah, there's going to be a big difference. Pirates, not so much.

I'm really surprised at how Disney does their FP+ allocation. Like, if there are 3 spots available at 10:05 AM for Pirates, and you're a group of 4, then Disney's system doesn't allow them to go 1 person over. Which is crazy, because Pirates' capacity is like 2,800 people per hour. One extra person for every 5 minute slot is 12 extra people per hour - a rounding error on the ride's overall capacity.

But in general, for most rides, yeah, it's a decent ballpark.


Yes! Awesome!


This is FANTASTIC! Thanks so much for all you do!


This is stellar!!! Holy smokes!


I don't get it.


Love it!






Very cool. Thanks @Lentesta.


This is great! Just curious - are you working with WDW to get this info? Otherwise trying to figure it out from a technical standpoint smile.


This is great. I can see where this would have worked for us on our recent trip. We will have to back so we can test it out thanks @Lentesta


Love it!! Awesome feature


Are you referring to that British site Kenny the Pirate was passing around @Outer1?


Exciting stuff, Thank you!


Yes it was .uk address, I had actually seen it on WDW Prep schools FB but I think they credited KTP for it.




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