Coming back :-) Easter 2016

So excited to be invading again. I hope all you wonderful chaps are OK :-). I must remember to safe guard my tea, so there is none of that chucking it in the Lake malarky. :smile:

I need a bit of advice on staying one night in a Universal property solely to get early access to the parks for Gringott’s.
I know that if I turn up on the day of arrival early, I can check-in, and leave backs and get express passes for that day and then next. Anything else I should know?

Welcome back! It’s so great to see you again!

I haven’t been to Universal yet, but I’m sure someone can chime in with an answer.

Remember you don’t get Express Pass at Cabana Bay, only at the deluxes. You do get early entry though.

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Read this page:

@Skubersky - I have a question about the “Free parking at the main CityWalk parking garage” benefit of staying on-site. Can you use this to avoid the Resort parking fee, e.g. drive up to drop off bags and check in, and then drive over to the main complex to park for free?

Yes, I have done this myself but it’s a pain in the neck. In theory you aren’t supposed to leave your car in the garage long-term, but if you moved your car every day it shouldn’t be a problem.