Comfortable ears from Esty


Has anyone gotten cute, comfortable ear headbands on Etsy or elsewhere that you can recommend? I wear glasses and want to find ones that won’t hurt or encroach on the glasses.


I used to wear glasses (just had lasik this year) and I got my Lilo and Stitch ears from Etsy, no problems whatsoever with headband/glasses interference. We also made a lot of our own ears, which was great because I could shop for my own headbands. :grinning:


I don’t wear glasses regularly (just for distance so for things like shows I’ll wear them), but I like WisheryEarMakers on Etsy. I’ve found them to be way less tight than the Disney ears. She runs discounts frequently which is nice, too. The only issue I’ve had is they didn’t ship right away (it said they would ship two weeks from when I bought them but it ended up being almost 3 weeks) but she expedited the shipping for me so I could get them in time for my trip. I’ve ordered twice and received compliments from CMs both times I’ve worn them :slightly_smiling_face: