Combining use and non-use of express pass on a Touring Plan

Hi! :wave: I’m making touring plans for our trip coming up. It will be our first time at the Harry Potter land and, even though we have unlimited express passes, we want to do the lines of Forbidden Journey, Hagrid’s and Gringots at least once for the stories and setups. BUT we also want to use the express pass the second time we ride them and for everything else. How can one combine this on a touring plan? It only allows me to either use it for everything or for nothing. Or am I missing something?

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Welcome! Please ask anything and as often as needed!!

There’s no way to combine those options into one plan. If it helps, the Universal Express Pass (UXP) is genuinely a “fast pass” unlike Disney. The passes sell for $200+ per person for those not staying at a Premiere hotel. This means most people don’t buy it.

Your typical wait in the UXP queue will only be 33% - 50% of the posted standby wait…sometimes you’ll walk-on many rides and attractions!

I’d advise you to make a plan without UXP to see the posted standby wait time. Then you’ll know that a second ride will be only 33% - 50% (at most)

With UXP you don’t really “need” a touring plan. You’ll be able to do everything you want!


Hagrids does not have express pass so you will get the whole line anyway. If you do forbidden journey with early entry you should be able to walk on the ride but get to experience the full line. I don’t think you miss much with gringotts as you have your own line that runs along the standby line. Enjoy!


Thanks! Will plan accordingly :+1:t3:

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This is SO useful! Thanks a lot!

Can someone please confirm then… In order to experience the lines preshows and details when using an express pass:

- Forbidden Journey: Do NOT use express pass and:
Option A) Queue at early entry so it’s not too long. Go through the whole line and enjoy.
Option B) Ask for the Forbidden Journey Castle Tour and hope it’s available
Option C) Ask to go through the line and not ride, then come back out and use express pass to ride

- Gringotts: USE Express pass, as the line runs along the standby line

- Hagrids: Don’t worry. Can’t use express pass, will DEFINTIELY experience the line :joy:

- Hippogriff: ???

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It depends on the posted wait time. FJ typically does not experience super long waits anymore like it did years ago. Plus, the way the ride system loads, the line moves pretty fast. Usually no rush to hop in line here.

I believe it’s still a self-guided tour by way of the Express Lane, always available.

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